Don Johnson Big Band: iPod / Mobile Bag

Manufacturer: Globe Hope

Even though we're well into the 21st century and we still don't have jet cars or robot butlers, at least we have iPods!

This multi-purpose bag keeps your iPod (or other favourite portable music player), cell phone, or digital camera safe and sound.

In addition to the main and front pockets there's a secure zipper pocket on the side for coins, Compact Flash cards etc.

Manufactured from strong army fabric recycled by Globe Hope. In addition you'll get a strong bent gate carabiner which comes in handy when you need to attach the pouch on your belt.

Perfect for you, perfect as a gift!

Dimensions: 14 cm x 8 cm

Note! Compatible with ALL current iPod & iPhone models, small digital cameras like Canon Ixus and Panasonic Lumix and most normal-sized cell phones.

Our price 15.00 €

Product code: 128220

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