Don Johnson Big Band: Pencil Case / Accessory Bag

Manufacturer: Globe Hope

Time to put all those little things in one place!

I used to be an army sack in the Swedish navy – I was a big help to many courageous and strong navy men. Then I was redefined as an accessory bag for Don Johnson Big Band. Now I am waiting for someone to find me, so that I could bring joy and help again to someone else.

Store your pens, paint brushes, make-ups, bullets, or knives in this grey accessory bag made out of strong recycled army fabric. All covered with lyrics from the smash hit single "Road".

While travelling it provides a safe place for your passport, train tickets, credit cards and cash.This multi-purpose accessory bag has even been proven to work with fishing equipment!

What's more, during our summer tour we noticed that almost no amount of abuse is too much for this stylish bag. The zipper closure is ultra- durable and the fabric can
take anything.

So whatever you do, this pouch is made just for you!

Dimensions: 20 cm x 12 cm

Our price 15.00 €

Product code: 128221

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