Don Johnson Big Band: Don Johnson Big Band Japan Import CD

Released: 14th February 2007

This rare Japanese Edition of "Don Johnson Big Band" is a unique package containing tracks from both "Breaking Daylight" and the regular version of "Don Johnson Big Band" plus a completely new and exclusive Don Johnson Big Band song called "Rain No. 968".

Along the regular 20-page English booklet comes a special 24-page booklet with all the liner notes and lyrics in Japanese, translated by Jun Nishihara. The jewel case comes wrapped in clear protective plastic.


1. One MC, One Delay
2. Penguin
3. Harlem Davidson
4. Salt Water
5. Northbound
6. Nutwood Cut
7. Two Reasons
8. Jah Jah Blow Job
9. Road
10. Cocoa Cacao
11. Private Intentions
12. Busy Relaxin'
13. Island Girl
14. Don Johnson Big Band
15. No. 2 at the Hamburg Concept
16. Last Things
17. Rain No. 968 (Bonus Track)

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